Whats the Studio Spotlight all about?

Glad you asked!

The Studio Spotlight is a place for entrepreneurs, crafters & DIY'ers to showcase thier stuff! When I started crafting and DIY'ing, people I knew started coming out of the woodwork. It was like everyone was a closet crafter! Once folks know you craft, suddenly secrets come out and suddenly I was surrounded by people that were not only great friends, but had amazing talent! Most of them to humble to ever admit it because no one thinks they are good at what they do. I heard things like, "I just do it for fun" or "Who in the world would buy it?" and my favorite "It was something I threw together". 

What I saw was talented creative people who didnt give themselves enough or any credit for that matter, on how fantastic thier talents were! I discovered my friends were doing everything from writing music to painting, building guitars to making childrens clothes, making small fortunes selling a product lines (examples like Advocare or Stella Dot) or better yet, making masterppieces out of scraps found iin thier garage!

In most cases tthese talents were only known by thier immediate families or folks who found out by accident.  Thes things they created were given away as gifts, shoved into closets, sold at garage sales, donated, or worse, thrown away. All to familiar this is what happened with my jewelry. I made it and gave it away to friends, family, strangers even. These same friends told me that I should sell my things because they were beautiful. "Yeah right" is all I thought. You see where that got me...

So this is the spotlight. Putting these people on blast so everyone can see thoer gifts, talents, learn about thier business, whatever it may be. Pay it forward I say. 

So every month I will be tossing someone into the spotlight. There will be a profile and bio about them and all tthier products to purchase. Supporting art and talent as it should be. Have someone to nominate? Let me know. So go see what talenyt is out there. Welcome to the Studio Spotlight.