How to take care of your Druzy's & Stones

How to Take Care of Agates & Stones 

  • ALL Stones: Avoid whacking, dropping, knocking against something or have woopsie-daisies with them. They are delicate, fragile and can chip easily. I speak from personal experience. Agates and Gems are filed with active energy, so take care of it.
  • Agates: I recommend using dish soap that’s it. I also am a fan of a product called Goof-Off that can be used to remove stubborn marks or stains that soap will not remove. Marks made from permanent markers, oil based paints, spray paints, or even makeup on white stones
  • Druzy’s: I recommend using fragrance free dish soap. Possible chemicals in any soap with fragrance, or a mild organic soap. THAT’S IT. If needed use a super soft bristle brush (see brushes)
  • Brushes/Cloth: Think “POLISHING” or “SHINY” and you will find cotton. I recommend white cotton t-shirts or cotton, cloth baby diapers. Stay away from rags as you don’t know what chemicals have been on them previously. Using soft bristle toothbrushes, or my 2nd favorite- mascara wands! Genius little devils that I use to clean everything! I purchase packs of them local drugstores. I would avoid sponges as the spongey stuff will be left behind on the Druzy and possibly snag or break a piece off.
  • No chemicals: That’s correct, no chemicals. I know I’m stating the obvious here, but it has to be said. Avoid harsh chemicals of any kind. Avoid bleach, cleaning your stone with bleach or getting bleach on the stone. Did I mention avoiding bleach? Chemicals and bleach will destroy it. In addition (since we are on the subject) other things to avoid using on, near or around your stones:
    • Paint remover, Alcohol, Acetone, Hammers, Chisels & Blowtorches, Gasoline, Petroleum, Jet fuel (just covering all angles here)
  • Destruction of Stone: These chemicals and items mentioned above will not only destroy your stone, but possibly fill the agate with pock marks, crack it, shatter it, melt it, cause it burst into flames, turn it into a projectile agate, internally combust or possibly disintegrate. Possible, not probable, yet alas, this would not be considered a defect on the stone. It’s now a science project. Just remember Chemicals are bad.
  • Storing Your Gem:  Store is a safe dry protected space, wrap in a soft cloth and put in jewelry box. Care for it, protect it, cleanse it, and energize it.  

Love your stone and it will love you back!