European Lampwork Glass & Murano Bling, Bangles & Bracelets
Bangles yes! Bracelets? Of course! They don’t have diamonds, ruby’s and sapphires, but they are fun and WAY easier on the budget. I had so much making each one of these and the best part is that they are all one of a kind.
Each one is different with a unique look. Throw on a couple charms from the "Charm Me" Collection, and you have wearable art as well as a great conversation piece.  I love the blingy look and lose my mind over charms, so I put the two together.  I’m all about personalization and expressing yourself so the creative possibilities are endless.
These large hole beads, otherwise known as "European" beads or "Euro" beads for short, are mostly Italian Lamp work Glass & Murano beads that have a sterling silver 925 core. My collection includes every color and pattern you can imagine. I have a thing for texture so you will find many have incredible 3 dimensional designs and detail you won’t find anywhere else. Throw in some beautifully hand painted beads, Cubic Zirconia (CZ) and Swarovski crystal beads and you have a showstopper piece that people will ask you about.  



  • BANGLES- A solid ring with a wide opening to pop on and off your wrist. Ends unscrew allowing beads to be added or swapped for a different look
  • BRACELETS- These are beads placed on a flexible snake link bracelet with a clasp and one screw on end. Beads also can be swapped or added for personalization
  • LINK BRACELET- A loose fitting bracelet that is adjustable in size with a lobster clasp that can hook anywhere. Beads can also be added or swapped unless there are charms on the bracelet. Charms are hooked onto the links therefore you can’t remove them

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do, and following suite, all pieces are named after all the beautiful women who left me with a memorable moment, laughter, lesson, or cherished memory, these are for you!


Don’t see what you want? NO PROBLEM!

If you have a special request on anything you do not see listed, just call, text or PM me at 425-892-4800 and I will take it from there. Everyday this site will be growing and changing so watch for messages!


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